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.ADH8066 Breakout




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Плата-адаптер для GSM модуля ADH8066.

Если экпериментируете с GSM модулем ADH8066 ADH8066 GSM Module, без этой платы вам не обойтись.
Потому что управление модулем осуществляется через 20-контактный разъём настолько малых размеров, что подпаять провода для опытов невозможно!
Так же к GSM модулю ADH8066, необходимо добавить антенный соединитель Interface Cable RP-SMA to U.FL, а также саму антенну Quad-band Cellular Duck Antenna SMA .


Description: This is a simple breakout board forour ADH8066 miniature, quad-band GSM module. Standard 0.1" spacedheaders allow easy access to a full range of functionality.

The ADH8066 is a miniature, quad-band GSM 850/EGSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS1900 module, which can be integrated into a great number of wirelessprojects. You can use this module to accomplish almost anything anormal cell phone can - SMS text messages, GSM/GPRS, TCP/IP, and more!It also includes a SIM card socket on the back!

Note: You get the breakout board only. Checkbelow for the ADH8066 module, which is sold separately.

Note: If you are having problems getting thiswired up correctly, try looking at the links below. They show the boardconnected to a 3.3V FTDI board for communication over a terminalprogram, but could easily be interfaced with an Arduino following thesame schematic.

Note: This module can pull up to 2A duringtransmission. In order to prevent issues in your project, be sure touse an appropriate power supply that can source a larger amount ofcurrent. It also helps to make proper use of decoupling capacitors toprevent power issues.

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